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Red Cabbage and Roses Robe

Red Cabbage and Roses Robe

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This beautiful hand-dyed silk robe was made from natural materials in a multi-step process with rose petals, red cabbage and indigo crystals. Made perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of natural materials and unique, one-of-a-kind designs. 

The robe was first steamed with a mix of roses to make an eco print to showcase the details of the prints left behind by the petals themselves! For extra color it was later added to a dye bath made from red cabbage to achieve a beautiful light blue color. 

This versatile robe is perfect for lounging at home or as a luxurious cover-up. The classic design features a wrap-around style with a detachable belt that accentuates the waist, while the loose sleeves provide a relaxed and comfortable fit. 



OS: Small-XLarge



Length: 35"

Sleeve Length: 17"

Bust: 27"



This garment has been naturally dyed using a combination of flowers, food waste, plants and dye extracts. Color variations due to the hand process are part of its beauty! Handle with care and wash as instructed. Colors may change or fade over time.


To maintain the color and beauty of this robe hand wash cold with a ph sensitive soap. Lay flat to dry. Iron inside-out on silk setting.


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